Children’s workshops

2023 School Tour Performance Project: “Shishi” Noh Music and “Busu” Kyogen Play Pre-performance Workshop

Pre-performance Workshop Program

The children will be taught how to play the Kotsuzumi (small hand drum) for “Sanbaso,” which we will play together during the actual performance.

Four professional Noh performers, who specialize in the Kotsuzumi, Fue (bamboo flute), and Kyogen drama, will conduct the workshop for children to familiarize them with Noh and Kyogen, which they rarely get the opportunity to appreciate in everyday life.

The musicians will also explain why they use Kakegoe (calls) during their performances and what it entails. Some children may find it embarrassing to call out, so this part of the workshop will focus more on vocalizing.

Workshop Program

After the workshop, the children will have the opportunity to practice using replica Kotsuzumi and Otsuzumi. Participants will receive three leather samples and an explanation of how to make a Kotsuzumi or Otsuzumi. (They will make the body during the workshop.)

  1. Opening: Noh begins and ends with greetings. The workshop will begin with the standard formal greeting.
  2. What is “Sanbaso”? We will play “Sanbaso,” which will feature in the main performance, and explain the meaning, structure, and characteristics of the dance.
  3. “Sanbaso” dance: We practice dancing “Sanbaso.”
  4. What kind of instruments are the Kotsuzumi and Otsuzumi? We will explain how to hold and play the Kotsuzumi (small hand drum) and Otsuzumi (large hand drum).
  5. Kakegoe Practice: We will play “Sanbaso”, the piece we will perform together in the main performance, while children practice Calls.
  6. Full rehearsal: We do a full rehearsal of “Sanbaso” using the Kotsuzumi and Otsuzumi, and practice dancing using bells and fans.
  7. Questions & comments: The children will have the opportunity to ask any questions, be it something they do not understand or are curious about.
  8. Closing: We will explain how to practice the standard formal greeting style for the main performance.

(The finishing time may vary depending on the number of participants.)

How to simply make a Kotsuzumi à Easy instructions for making a Kotsuzumi

↑Click here to open the PDF in a new page.

How to simply make a Otsuzumi à Easy instructions for making a Otsuzumi

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Daily practice is important in Noh. Participants receive a DVD for rehearsing at home in the lead up to the performance.

YouTube Instruction Video

Use this video to rehearse the “Sanbaso” which you will play together with Hayashidou on the Nurturing Children Through Culture and Arts Project Performance Tour.