Doumeikai Noh

69th Domeikai Noh

The 69th Doumeikai Noh performance features pieces set in old famous places in Kyoto.

These locations are still bustling as sightseeing destinations today.

Allow the Noh dance and music performances to take you back to another time.

Date: 1 p.m. Saturday, February 24, 2024  (scheduled to end at 5 p.m.)

Venue: Kyoto Kanze Kaikan


Noh: “Raiden” Takashi Takeda, Kinya Hosho, Senzaburo Shigeyama, and others (Hosho School)

Maikobayashi performance: “Matsuno’o” Manjiro Tatsumi (Hosho School); “Ominameshi” Yasuchika Urata (Kanze School); “Saigyozakura” Kimio Otsubo (Hosho School); “Kagetsu” Soichiro Hayashi (Kanze School); “Hashi Benkei” Tatsunori Kongo (Kongo School); and others

Itcho musical performance: “Semimaru” Toyohiko Sugiura, Seiichi Ibayashi; “Kannawa” Yazaemon Teshima, Hideo Takemura

Dokucho musical performance: “Raiden” Tatsushige Udaka, Kodo Sowa

Tickets on sale: Monday, December 4, 2023

Admission: Adults unreserved seats 6,000 yen, additional fee for reserved seats 1,000 yen

/ Unreserved seating for students on 2nd floor 3,000 yen

Note: Erato Music Management Office will sell ticket for reserved seats between Monday January 22 and Wednesday February 21, 2024.

If you want to reserve seats, we ask you purchase unreserved seats in advance, then call Erato Music Management Office at the number below.

Ticket outlets: Kyoto Kanze Kaikan, Erato Music Management Office, and the performing artists