Most of the music one can hear in Japan is of Western origin. From classical music to pop, from experimental music to jingles used on TV commercials or as background music in supermarkets – all of this music has been imported from Europe or North America.                  However, noh music can be performed outside of the context of a theatre performance, as one of the great forms of Japanese classical music.                Noh music carries with it a tradition that has been transmitted uninterruptedly for over six centuries, yet noh musicians have been continuously adapting the art to the needs of their contemporary audience.The mission of Kyoto Noh Musicians Group Dōmeikai is to bring noh music, one of the finest forms of Japanese classical performing arts, to the world.

Doumeikai Noh


The performance of a full noh play organized and produced by Doumeikai. The plays are selected according to their unique musical features.











Hayashido – Introducing the classical music of noh


Doumeikai-produced concert

In this Doumeikai-produced concert, traditional noh music in its pure form is offered as contemporary art.

Hayashi Labo


A performance event aimed at showcasing the results of intensive training, and the artistic development of the young members of Doumeikai.




Members’ events.

Members’ events.

Information on events produced by the Doumeikai members will appear here.