Children’s workshops

2023 School Tour Performance Project: “Shishi” Noh Music and “Busu” Kyogen Play

The tour covers Fukushima, Ibaragi, Chiba, Saitama, Tokyo, and Yamanashi Prefectures.

  1. Opening: Noh begins and ends with greetings. We will begin with the formal greeting.
  2. What is Noh music? We simply explain the history of Noh and each instrument we play.
  3. Hayabue performance: We will play the powerful music that accompanies the entrance of dragon deities.
  4. The mysteries of Kakegoe: Experience Kakegoe (calls), which feature in Noh music, and learn how the timing of pauses alters a performance.
  5. Shishi performance: Listen to this dynamic, exuberant piece, which juxtaposes stillness and motion, and experience the essence of Noh music.
  6. Break: During the break, members of the audience can try their hand at playing the Kotsuzumi and the Otsuzumi.
  7. “Sanbanzo” (joint performance): “Sanbanzo” will be performed together with about 24 children selected from the drum workshop.
  8. What is Kyogen drama? Experience Warai (laughing), the idiosyncratic style of expression used in Kyogen drama, and learn about the play “Busu.”
  9. “Busu” performance: Watch a performance of the Kyogen play “Busu.”
  10. Questions & comments: Members of the audience will have the opportunity to ask any questions, be it something they do not understand or are curious about.
  11. Closing greeting: The performance closes with a standard formal greeting.

Click here for details on the Pre-Performance Workshop.