Doumeikai Noh

67th Doumeikai

The 67th Doumeikai Noh performance features Karamono pieces sent in China, a country which has much influenced Japanese culture since ancient times. Enjoy foreign settings through Noh dance and music.

Date: Saturday February 26, 2022  1 p.m.

Venue: Kyoto Kanze Kaikan

44 Okazaki Enshoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

Program: Kongo School Maibayashi performance “Seiobo (Xiwangmu),” Kita School Maibayashi performance “Tenko – Banshiki,” Kanze School Maibayashi performance “Kou,” Dokucho musical performance “Chrysanthemum Boy (Kiku-Jido),” Itcho-Ikkan music “Shojomidare,” Kanze School Maibayashi performance “Yokihi (Imperial Consort Yang) – Kan-no-kakari,” Subayashi performance “Shishi,” Itcho musical performance “Kantan,” Itcho musical performance “Basho,” Imidare musical performance “Sansho,” Kongo School Noh “Kanyokyu – Kingyoku-no-ashirai”

Note: The addition of the Kogaki (special interpretation) “Kingyoku-no-ashirai” to the performance of Kanyokyu is not mentioned in the leaflet.

Starring: Hisanori Kongo, Tatsunori Kongo, Kinya Hosho, Kuroemon Katayama, Hirohisa Inoue, Yasuchika Urata, Shinji Takabayashi, and others

Admission: Adults unreserved seating 6,000 yen, additional reserved seating fee 1,000 yen / Students 2nd floor unreserved seating 3,000 yen

Tickets on sale: Monday December 6, 2021

Note: Ticket sales for reserved seating is available through Erato Music Management Office between Monday January 24 and Thursday February 24, 2021. If you want a reserved seat, we ask you purchase an unreserved seat, then call Erato Music Management Office on the number below. When making your reservation, please enquire about 2nd floor seating, which is also available.

Erato Music Management Office / Tel.: 075-751-0617  (Weekdays 10 a.m.–5 p.m., Closed weekends and public holidays)

Ticket outlets: Kyoto Kanze Kaikan, Erato Music Management Office, and the appearing performers

Organizer: Kyoto Noh Hayashikata Doumeikai

Click on the above image to view the leaflet (PDF).