Children’s workshops

Nurturing Children Through Culture and Arts Project “Performance Tour”

Domeikai Noh Concert

Hayashidou, which presents Noh as music to listen to, was selected for the Agency for Cultural Affairs sponsored tour as part of the 2021 Nurturing Children Through Culture and Arts Project.

Hayashidou Pre-Performance Workshop

Participants will be taught now to play the kotsuzumi (small hand drum) for “Sanbanzo,” which will be presented during the main performance.

Professional kotsuzumi, fue (bamboo flute), and otsuzumi (large hand drum) Noh performers will conduct the workshop for children to become familiar with Noh, which they have few chances to appreciate in everyday life.

The performers will also explain why they use kakegoe (calls) during performances and what it entails. Some children may find it embarrassing to call out, so this part of the workshop will focus more on vocalizing.


Workshop Program

After the workshop, the children will have the opportunity to practice using replica kotsuzumi and otsuzumi.

Participants will receive five leather samples and an explanation of how to make a kotsuzumi and otsuzumi. (They will make the body during the workshop.)

1. Opening greeting: Noh begins and ends with greetings. The workshop will begin with the formal greeting.

2. Noh music: Explanation of the characteristics and structure of Noh music.

3. Kotsuzumi: Explanation of the kotsuzumi (small hand drum) and how to play one.

4. Otsuzumi: Explanation of the otsuzumi (big hand drum) and how to play one.

5. Noh music: Performance of the thrilling “Ataka Taki-Nagashi.”

6. Kakegoe: Explanation of kakegoe (calls). All participants will practice the calls together. (This section be omitted as part of the Covid-19 measures.)

7. Noh music: Performance of “Sanbanzo” in which the children will participate during the main performance.

8. Kotsuzumi: Lessons on playing the kotsuzumi and otsuzumi parts for “Sanbanzo.”

9. Questions & comments: Participants have the opportunity to ask anything they want, be it something they do not understand or they are curious about.

10.Closing greeting: Explanation of how to practice the proper greeting style for the main performance. The workshop closes with a formal greeting. (The finishing time may vary depending on the number of participants.)

How to simply make a kotsuzumi

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How to simply make a ootsuzumi

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Daily practice is important in Noh. Participants receive a DVD to rehearse to at home in the lead up to the main performance.

YouTube version

Use this video to rehearse for “Sanbaso” that will feature in the Nurturing Children Through Culture and Arts Project “Performance Tour.”

Practice makes perfect!

Find out more about the main performance here.