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【Now accepting applications for touring school】2021 Comprehensive Project for Fostering Children through Culture and Arts – Touring Performance Project

The Noh concert “Hayashi-Do” produced by Domei-Kai – Noh listened to as music – was adopted as a touring performance project of the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2021.

Areas to be patrolled

Block G Tottori Shimane Okayama Hiroshima Yamaguchi Hiroshima City Okayama City
Block H Hyogo Prefecture Tokushima Prefecture Kagawa Prefecture Ehime Prefecture Kochi Prefecture Kobe City
Block I Fukuoka Prefecture Saga Prefecture Nagasaki Prefecture Kumamoto Prefecture Fukuoka City Kitakyushu City Kumamoto City
Block J: Oita Prefecture Miyazaki Prefecture Kagoshima Prefecture Okinawa Prefecture

As a measure to prevent coronavirus infection during the performance, we will not only check the temperature of the performers and disinfect them, but also install a fence in front of the stage to prevent the spread of droplets, or increase the distance between the stage and the audience. We will also take all possible measures, such as wearing disposable gloves during the performance.

Click here for a detailed video of the performance.→