Ohayashi school

2019 Kyoto Children’s Noh Music Class

This is an opportunity for elementary and junior high school students to learn and perform on the flute, kotsuzumi (small drum), otsuzumi (large drum), and taiko (drum).

(2020 Cancelled due to the spread of coronavirus infection.

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the 2020 Children’s Noh Music Class has been cancelled.
We are planning to start the class in the next year. Thank you for your cooperation.

At the Kyoto Children’s Noh Music School, we practice flute, kotsuzumi, otsuzumi and taiko.

Let’s practice Noh music, a classic of this country.
Let’s practice Noh music, a classic of this country, and present the results.
The assigned piece is “Ha-no-Mai”.

Kyoto Prefectural Center for Arts and Culture

Target: 1st grade to 3rd grade (4th grade and above for flute class)

Capacity: 10 students per class for flute, small drum, large drum, and taiko.

Flute: Morita Yasuyoshi (Morita school)
Shoulder drum, Hayashi Hiroki (Ko school)
Hip drum, Watanabe Satoshi (Ishii school)
Stick drum, Maekawa Mitsunaga (Konparu school)

Lead rush
Kyoto Noh Musician Domei-kai

Kyoto City Board of Education

Japanese Government Agency for Cultural Affairs Traditional Culture Class for Parents and Children