Children’s workshops

Pre-Workshop for 2020

2020 Comprehensive project for fostering children through culture and arts

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I will be teaching the kotsuzumi (small hand drum) of “Sanbanzo,” which I will perform with in this performance. The workshop will be conducted by a total of three experts in their respective fields: kotsuzumi-kata, fue-kata, and otsumi-kata (all of whom are Noh performers), in order to convey in an approachable way the rarely seen theater of Nohgaku. We will explain why we use the kake voice and what it entails. Many of the children are likely to be shy about doing the kakegoe, so we will focus on practicing the voice first.

◇Workshop Program

  1. Greeting at the beginning…Straighten up and greet the audience properly.
  2. Explain the composition and characteristics of Noh music in an easy-to-understand manner.
  3. What kind of instrument is a kotsuzumi? …We will introduce the unique structure and performance method of the kotsuzumi, which is a percussion instrument that can change its tone with a single instrument.
    What kind of instrument is a big drum? …The big drum is similar to the small drum, but its characteristics are completely opposite. Here are some of its characteristics and how to play it.
  4. Let’s listen to Noh music. …I will demonstrate “Ataka Taki-ryu”.
  5. Let’s make a KAKE call. …Let’s try to make a kake voice together. I’ll explain why we should do it and what will happen if we don’t.
  6. Let’s experience the kotsuzumi and otsumi drums. …Let as many students as possible actually touch the instruments.
    Rest 10 minutes
  7. Let’s listen to Noh music. …We will demonstrate “Sanbanzo,” which we will perform together on the day of the performance.
  8. Let’s try to play the kotsuzumi. …We will teach you how to play the kotsuzumi of “Sanbanzo,” which you will perform with us on the day of the performance.
  9. Question and comment corner…Please ask anything you wonder or are interested in.
    Greeting at the end…Make sure your manners are correct and greet the audience properly. (About 95 minutes)
    (Time may vary depending on the number of students.)

After the workshop, you will have a chance to practice using the kotsuzumi replica.
You will be given 5 leather samples and a printout of how to make them. (The body part will be made on site.)

How to make a small drum

Daily practice is very important in Noh theater. We will provide you with a practice DVD so that you can practice repeatedly until the day of the performance.

This is a rehearsal video of the song “Sanbanzo” performed by “Hayashi-Do,” a touring performance of the Comprehensive Project for the Development of Children through Culture and the Arts.
Let’s practice it over and over again!